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Revolutionizing the Management of Chronic cardiovascular disease

Not Just Another Health Monitoring System

In addition to saving lives, our goal from the beginning was to develop a novel technology that would revolutionize the management and treatment of chronic cardiovascular disease.

To boost Provider and Patient satisfaction, we should eliminate unnecessary data from 'vanity metric' monitoring services. These services often flood with excessive data that doesn't impact the disease or enhance results. PULSARIO provides actionable metrics coupled with updated, guideline driven, computer assisted treatment strategies eliminating undue burden on our providers.

Key features of pulsario

Pulsario presents the following reasons to bring it into your practice:

  • Markedly improves provider time managing heart disease.
  • Immediate access to most current treatment strategies in real-time.
  • Improve the financial strength of your business by incorporating technology covered by Medicare and many insurance carriers.
  • Additional infrastructure is usually not required.
  • There are ZERO upfront fees to incorporate Pulsario into practice.
  • Pulsario is scalable from small, single provider practices to large hospital and governmental programs.
  • Instant access to specialty level care in rural areas enabling primary care providers to work to the top of their license by utilizing Pulsario.

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Pulsario is the only remote patient monitoring and management system to provide real-time diagnostic technology that helps providers predict, prevent, and treat cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure.