About Dr. Courville

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Pulsario Founder & Chairman, Board-Certified Physician

Kevin A. Courville MD, FACC, FHFSA

Dr. Courville is a board-certified physician of Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation, Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Nuclear Cardiology.

As an innovator, founder, Pulsario Remote Patient Management System, an industry-leading computer-assisted platform for monitoring, and medical management of chronic cardiovascular diseases (and other common associated diseases such as diabetes, lung disease, chronic kidney disease, etc), and is dedicated to improving the treatment of congestive heart failure.

Beginning to develop the algorithms and concepts to improve the outpatient management of CHF early in his career, Dr. Courville spent the next several years completing the framework for Pulsario while practicing as an independent cardiologist.

“The idea is not to simply speed up what we already know and incorporate it into the management of the heart failure patient (using technology) but to change the way we monitor, engage and treat the heart failure patient while fully supporting and assisting the heart failure provider, hospital and post-acute care facilities.”

Dr. Courville has been involved with multiple clinical trials, served as a peer reviewer of medical literature, and published medical papers on the topics of computer-assisted medical therapies, remote management of heart disease in long term care facilities, heart failure, acute and chronic cardiovascular diseases, and heart disease prevention. Dr. Courville also has served on multiple hospital boards involving topics of finance, quality, and strategic planning. In addition to clinical practice and the development of novel chronic disease management pursuits, he has been an invited speaker on a National and International Level on topics of Innovation in chronic cardiovascular diseases, computer-assisted management initiatives, heart failure, and the Implementation of novel pharmaceutical agents, and preventive cardiology.

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Pulsario is the only remote patient monitoring and management system to provide real-time diagnostic technology that helps providers predict, prevent, and treat cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure.