Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists, & Surgeons

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Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists, & Surgeons

Advantages to a partnership with Pulsario:

  • Ease the burden of treating Cardiovascular Disease and CHF patients
  • Enable a financially rewarding solution
  • Allow for NO UPFRONT COST OF ENTRY into the mHealth and telehealth space
  • Enable outreach opportunities with little capital departure

Marketable advantage over local cardiology competition:

  • Allow for profitable contracting with hospitals and healthcare networks for CHF solution
  • Expand service line into Cardiovascular Diseases and CHF clinics with low costs to entry, neutral impact on practice burden, and maximize financial opportunity
  • Enables existing cardiology clinics a method of outreach to regional markets to expand their patient base and financial portfolio

Provides entry into the mobile health and telehealth space as a service:

  • Enables clinics to capitalize on chronic care management revenue
  • Enable clinics to capitalize on remote monitoring revenue
  • Provides marketable advantages over competitive clinics in the same territory
  • Provides opportunity to partner with local hospitals via service agreements to improve CHF and chronic cardiovascular diseases
  • Enables coupling of cardiology clinics to primary care providers via a non-threatening financial model benefiting all parties

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Pulsario is the only remote patient monitoring and management system to provide real-time diagnostic technology that helps providers predict, prevent, and treat cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure.