Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

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Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

Advantages to a partnership with Pulsario:

  • Financially rewarding Cardiovascular disease and CHF managment platform enabling independent cardiovascular practice by nurse practitioners. Physician assistants may truly extend practice of physician by adding CHF and chronic cardiovascular disease management platform to existing practice
  • Lower the burden of management by using computer assisted medication titration with dedicated cardiovascular support when needed or desired
  • Individualized home monitoring system for your patients with provider alerts

Financial advantages:

  • Opportunity to capitalize on new revenue sources
  • Complete system and kits delivered to your office with onsite training
  • NO UPFRONT COST OF ENTRY into the mHealth and telehealth space
  • Enables clinics to capitalize on chronic care management revenue
  • Marketable advantage over local competition
  • Enable clinics to capitalize on remote monitoring revenue

Become A Provider

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Pulsario is the only remote patient monitoring and management system to provide real-time diagnostic technology that helps providers predict, prevent, and treat cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure.