Hospitals & Medical Facilities

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Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Advantages to a partnership with Pulsario:

  • Eliminate unnecessary CHF readmissions and their negative financial burden.
  • Lower the overall costs of managing chronic cardiovascular diseases.
  • Improve the quality of care provided to patients with CHF and chronic cardiovascular diseases via guideline directed medical therapy, computer assisted medication titration, provider education, patient education, patient compliance and self-care initiatives of Pulsario.

Increase efficiency while lowering the cost of care:

  • Utilize the integration of patients / providers / hospitals / emergency departments / home health and hospice agencies
  • Provides marketable advantages over competitive hospitals in the same territory.
  • Enables hospitals a method of outreach into regional markets to expand their patient base and financial portfolio by utilizing primary care providers or nurse practitioners in areas of limited cardiology specialty care or as an add on feature to existing cardiovascular service line.
  • Entry into the highly marketable mobile health and telehealth space as a service.
  • Enable clinics to capitalize on remote monitoring revenue.

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Pulsario is the only remote patient monitoring and management system to provide real-time diagnostic technology that helps providers predict, prevent, and treat cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure.