Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists & Surgeons

Primary Care Physicians and Cardiologists in traditional practice models face daily challenges of increasing numbers of patients with CHF, limited resources and even less time to address the situation. PULSARIO offers Physicians, cardiologists and cardiology groups a novel solution.

Advantages to a partnership with PULSARIO:

  • Ease the burden of treating CHF patients
  • Enable a financially rewarding solution
  • Allow for low cost entry into the mHealth and telehealth space
  • Enable outreach opportunities with little capital departure
  • Marketable advantage over local cardiology competition
  • Allow for profitable contracting with hospitals and healthcare networks for CHF solution
  • Expand service line into CHF specialty with low costs to entry, neutral impact on practice burden, and maximize financial opportunity.
  • Enables existing cardiology clinics a method of outreach to regional markets to expand their patient base and financial portfolio.
  • Provides entry into the mobile health and telehealth space as a service.
  • Enables clinics to capitalize on chronic care management revenue.
  • Enable clinics to capitalize on remote monitoring revenue
  • Provides marketable advantages over competitive clinics in the same territory.
  • Provides opportunity to partner with local hospitals via service agreements to improve CHF and chronic cardiovascular diseases.
  • Enables coupling of cardiology clinics to primary care providers via a non-threatening financial model benefiting all parties.