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You must first receive an email with a link to register for Pulsario. This email is initiated by your clinic after enrolling you in the system. The clinic will assign you a user name. You will create your own unique password. It is a best practice to keep your user name and password in a safe place in case you forget them.

If you are using a smart phone app on the Iphone or Android you can select remember me and your user name will come up every time. If you forget your user name and are using the web portal, you will need to contact your clinic to get your user name.

For the Iphone you go to the App Store and search on Pulsario then install. For the Android, go to Google Play and search on Pulsario then install.

If using the web portal, go to and select the login button on the upper right of the home page. Type in your user name and password. Input your blood pressure, heart rate, 02 sat and weight in the field on the screen. Make sure that the number entered are correct then select submit. If using a smart phone select the Pulsario app and login. Touch the vital field you need to enter and type in the correct number. Repeat until all vitals are entered. Double check for accuracy and submit.

If you submit vitals that our out of your range, you will receive an immediate message within Pulsario letting you know that your vitals are out of range and to expect a communication from your provider with prescribed directives.

Secured Communication: You and your provider can communicate with you securely via Pulsario regarding your prescribed directives. You can also view older communications for reference.

Medications: You can view your secured medications and dosages that you are prescribed by your provider.

Medical History: You can view your secured medical history within Pulsario.

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